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Deschutes River

It’s my favorite river! ODB says, “start short and cover water!” ODB is correct! This river gets lots of pressure! Be cool and courteous!  Throw the Parachute Adams when in doubt!  Ask Procor 🙂

Composure Oser

Look to the banks and start short before you Juggy tromp to the money bucket!  It’s easy to get excited and want to rush out and catch!  Back Eddies, overhanging trees, and grassy banks!

Doctor Drop

A big dry fly and dropper rocks the riffles on the Ditch!  Fish until dark and you will be a happy fly angler!


WaterMaster Rafts

Juggy Break?

Big Indian!

Deschutes River Provisions

The Money Bucket

More Pictures

Got lucky last year!  Spent 10 sweet days in Oregon fly fishing with my Bestie Juggy Callahan!  Looking forward to 2017 Trip!